Valda Jackson


Valda Jackson is a multidisciplinary artist and a published writer currenty working towards completion of her first novel. In her writing, 2D, moving images and her sculptures, Jackson creates complex narratives that reflect and question our past and present with intent on influencing our future. Her work is about existence; it's about survival, individual entitlement, privilege and dignity. These themes extend themselves into much of her Public Art Commissions where the personal becomes universal. Jackson has lectured in painting and sculpture at the University of Central England, Birmingham, and various schools and colleges. Her collaborative public art practice Jackson and Harris is currently commissioned By Peabody at St Johns Hill in Clapham, London, for a series of public sculptures integrated into the architecture. Phase one, completed in 2017 won the Public Monuments and Sculpture Association (PMSA) award for excellence in public sculpture. The work in phase one explored and reflected the history of the Peabody estate, while the current phase investigates contemporary life.


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